pH Buffer

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pH Buffer pH Buffer is used to raise the Total Alkalinity of swimming pool water to prevent pH bounce, corrosion and staining. Active Constituent : Sodium Bicarbonate Sizes : 2kg, 4kg, 10kg bucket, 25kg bag Benefits : Controls rate of pH change Easy to apply Consistent quality.


cal plus

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Cal plus The use of Cal Plus prevents the etching of concrete surfaces, wrinkling of liners, breakdown of fibreglass and prevents equipment corrosion. Active Constituent : 80% Calcium Chloride Sizes : 2kg, 4kg, 10kg bucket, 25kg bag Benefits : Protects the surface of the pool against etching, corrosion and pitting, ensuring extended life of pool […]



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Ultrasheen Focus Ultrasheen is a rapid response clarifier which is super concentrated to restore clarity to the cloudiest swimming pool water. Ultrasheen comes in consumer friendly “one off” packaging. Active Constituent : Highly concentrated clarifying agents Sizes : 150ml sachet Benefits : Super strength concentrate Rapid Response Easy to apply Unique/easy use packaging Compliments the […]


Pool Floc

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Pool Floc Pool Floc assists clarity by dropping unfilterable matter to the bottom of the pool floor for vacuming to waste. Active Constituent : Aluminium Sulphate Sizes : 2kg, 25kg Benefits : Coagulates for easy vacuuming Suitable for all pool surfaces Especially effective on heavy duty debris.


Water Polish Plus

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Water Polish Plus Waterpolish Plus is a concentrated formula used to combine small particulate together for collection by the filter media restoring sparkle. Active Constituent : Cationic Polyelectrolyte Sizes : 1lt, 5lt, 20lt Benefits : Clear sparkling water Easy to apply pH neutral formula Compatible with all sanitation systems Economical  


Quick Floc

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Quick Floc Focus Quick floc is a concentrated formula that is used for binding together small particulate for removal by the filter media, It works by dropping debris to the bottom of the pool floor for vacuuming to waste. Active Constituent : Cationic Polymers Sizes : 1lt, 5lt, 20lt Benefits : Floc’s within 4-6 hours […]


Algicide Concentrate

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Algicide Concentrate This is a specialised complex formulation developed for the destruction and control of algae in all types of swimming pools. Active Constituent : 200g per litre Quaternary Ammonium Compound Sizes : 2lt, 5lt, 20lt Benefits : Supports salt chloritnators without affecting efficiency of salt cell. Suitable for treating green, mustard and pink algae. […]


Longlife Algicide

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Longlife Algicide Focus Blackspot and Longlife algicide is a multi-tasking product that can be used for the removal of blackspot algae in swimming pools, the clean up of green algae, the clean up of mustard algae, prevention of blackspot, prevention of green algae and winterising. Active Constituent : Cationic Algicide Benzalkonium Chloride (100g/pl) and Organocopper […]


Multi – Tab Floater

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Multi – Tab Floater Focus Multi-Tab Floaters are used for the weekly sanitation of swimming pool water and contain an algistat to assist in the prevention of algae formation and built in clarifiers to ensure the pool water is kept sparkling clear. Active Constituent : Trichloroisocyanuric Acid, Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate and Clarifiers Sizes Available : […]


Stabilised Pool Sticks

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Stabilised Pool Sticks Pool Tablets are used for the sanitation of pool water through either a floater or automatic feeder. They release a controlled flow of chlorine allowing chlorine levels to be easily monitored. Focus Pool Tablets will not cloud the pool water and the added stabiliser ensures that the chlorine residual remains in the […]