X-Trainer Pool Colour Choices

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Compass Pools have 2 colour ranges for you to choose from – The Compass Bi-luminite Ceramic Collection and Vivid Ceramic Collection.

These colours offer you a brilliant range of water colours. When choosing your pool colour it is important to know ‘what colour the water will throw’ based on the colour of the pool. The artistic impression below will help you understand how to choose your pool colour.


Our exclusive Bi-luminiteTM layering process creates a 3D effect which enhances your pool water colour

The surface of a Compass Pool can only be described as brilliantly luminous. Behind that luminous, three-dimensional lustre is another example of the scientific approach Compass takes to every aspect of pool construction. Before Compass developed Bi-luminite, most composite pools came in plain colour finishes. Some had flecks, others tried to look like marble. Compass revolutionised the look of composite pools by inserting tiny reflectors into the resin and using two colour layers, not just one.

Colour Process

Compass Pools are made using large ewflective chips

One of the reasons all Compass pools look so fantastic is our use of large reflective chips. While it is common for pool manufacturers to use glitter and small coloured particles when applying their gelcoat finish, we have managed to adapt out technology so that large chaips can be applied. Our technicians have developed a unique range of colour chips which are made by Compass and exclusively used on Compass Pools. By adding these larger reflective chips into the colouring mix, you are left with a more dynamic looing pool that is enhanced by sunlight and water.

About Colour…
Colour has the potential to become one of the most fundamental elements in your home. Colour is used to brighten up your mood, make your space look larger or smaller, or reflect more light. ‘The mood of the day reflects the colour of your pool’. What does this mean exactly? Simply put, the brighter the day, the brighter the water in your pool will look and the more overcast the day is the darker your pool will look. That being said, when you choose your pool colour it is important to keep in mind that your pool will throw a spectrum of colours. Having a good understanding of ‘spectrum of colours’ will help you determine what will complement your current outdoor living area and how to choose your pool surrounds like pavers, fences and feature walls.

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