Palm Cove

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Bridgeswade Pool Range
Palm Cove

bahama_bracless_hero_diagramThe Palm Cove pool is Australia’s strongest semi inground pool and has been designed to give you years of hassle-free enjoyment. Featuring a braceless structure, the Palm Cove is constructed from the highest quality materials from BlueScope Steel and is engineered for both inground and above ground installations.

Palm Cove pool

  • Exclusive non-slip 170mm wide top coping with rounded edges for 
added safety
  • Braceless design minimises excavation and creates a streamlined look when installed above ground
  • 1.37m Sandstone wall height is the tallest available on the market, giving you greater water dept
  • True 0.5mm heavy duty liner as standard
  • Marine-grade nuts and bolts – designed for use around water
  • Australian Made
  • Deep end option available
MODEL Length Width Depth
Round 3.76 1.37m
4.56 1.37m
5.34 1.37m
6.50 1.37m
7.62 1.37m
MODEL Length Width Depth
3.15m Wide Oval ** 4.15 3.15m
5.35 3.15m
6.55 3.15m
7.75 3.15m
8.95 3.15m
10.15 3.15m
11.35 3.15m
*including deep end
MODEL Length Width Depth
3.80m Wide Oval 5.00 3.80m
6.20 3.80m*
7.40 3.80m*
8.60 3.80m*
9.80 3.80m*
MODEL Length Width Depth
4.56m Wide Oval ** 6.96 4.56m*
8.16 4.56m*
9.36 4.56m*
10.56 4.56m*
11.76 4.56m*
MODEL Length Width Depth
5.76m Oval** 11.76 5.76m
MODEL Length Width Depth
Keyhole Pools 7.68 4.80m*
8.88 4.80m*
10.08 4.80m*
MODEL Length Width Depth
Raindrop Pools** 5.35 3.9 3m
6.98 4.7 3m
8.38 5.36 3m
9.93 6.16 3m
**NB: All sizes available in 1.2m high walls. * Deep end option available
Palm Cove


Flexible Shapes and Sizes

Our modular pools are engineered for maximum strength and durability and offer the choice of installation above ground, semi inground and fully inground.

Our popular braceless pools are sleek and streamlined, making them an ideal inground pool. When installed, you can achieve the same look as a concrete or fibreglass pool at a fraction of the cost.

With Sterns Pools, you can specify variations to the size and shape of your pool to match the dimensions you’re after.

Furthermore, if you have a tricky or difficult site, no problem! Our pools are ideal for steep blocks and have been installed in the most challenging of environments.

Speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives to learn more.

Contact Bridgeswade to discuss pool filter accessories and options to suit the Bahama range of modular pools.

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