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All the luxury of a twin lounger without compromising on space; mytemptation is perfectly designed for 5 adults to simultaneously enjoy a therapeutic hydro powered back massage. Whether the boys jump in after the game or the girls get together for a drink and a soak, this spa is guaranteed to perform.

  • Been on your feet all day? …..then put them up and receive a rejuvenating foot rub that never ends.
  • Aching back? …..benefit from the firm pressure of the multi-port cohuna jet as it targets the supporting muscles of the central back.
  • Tight neck and shoulders? …..feel the relief as our neck&shoulder massage system reaches deep into muscles where tension is held.
  • Over-worked legs? …..enjoy a hydro rub down infused with millions of tiny bubbles to stimulate blood flow and encourage muscle recovery.
1990 x 1990 x 850
dry 275kg wet 1450kg



We understand that our huge range of spa styles, features, and options can make choosing the right spa for you a little daunting…
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